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 The official website for Tír na nÓg

Tir na nOg 13 tirnanog-1970 Copy of hotspot Sonic Rock Solstice 2

Tir na nOg

'Live at the Half Moon'

New  album out now

on vinyl

and CD

You in Yellow

New - official video. 'You in Yellow'


'The Dark Dance'

New studio album. The first since 1973.

classic rock top 5 TNN 1400 Bandcamp

Contact tirnanog.pete@gmail.com

DD front cover

'....oozes with prog-folk magic’ (R2 Magazine)


‘The Dark Dance is an acoustically mounted piece of great refinement, on a record often embellished by strings and moments of eastern promise'’ (Prog Magazine)


‘Each of these deceptively serene songs has an underlying mysticism, an arcane quality that cannot be denied' (Classic Rock Magazine).

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